Adam Costanza

I make manufacturing more sustainable, forests healthier, carbon footprints diminish, and information powerful.

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I work at the National Council for Air and Stream Improvement (NCASI) on sustainability and climate solutions for the forest products industry. I specialize in carbon accounting (Scopes 1, 2, and 3), greenhouse gas emission factors, Environmental Social and Governance (ESG), sustainability indexing, and communicating complex information. I'm also involved in federal and state policy analysis, forest certification, carbon offsets, and lifecycle assessment.

I Also have a commercial UAS Pilot License, Microsoft Data Science Certificates in SQL and Python, Columbia University certificate in Corporate Finance, WRI/WBCSD Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas Protocol training, and an affinity for fixing things mechanical, digital, and organizational.

Select Publications:
Science Journal Letter and Petition to Forest Certification Systems
Science Journal Policy Article on GE Tree Regulation and Certification
Simplified Terminology Climate Change Glossary

Additional experience: running list résumé - contact me for a complete version.


Adam Costanza

North Carolina, USA
Office: (+1) 919.941-6409
Mobile: (+1) 202.552.1881

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